Recognize Faces with AI

Our face recognition API service is highly accurate. We used most advanced AI technology to make process easier than ever.

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Our API solution makes it easy for developers to build amazing facial recognition apps with no machine learning experience.

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Collaborate with others that have used our face API service and post questions or comments on which features we can deploye to the community.

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Create Face Labels For Your Images

Build a library of all your images from any data source. In the machine learning world, this is called data preparation of all your face images to be trained by our engine in order to produce your new machine learning model.


Verify Faces in Images

After creating your library of faces, our engine allows you to train a custom model specific to your organization with minimal number of images. Once your computer vision model is trained with your face labels, you can use our API to verify a face in an image with the name(s) you have entered for the training.

Identify Faces in Live Streams

Companies want to verify or identify their employees versus customers or other people not trained in their model. This can be used for security surveillance for intruders not allowed to be in a specifc area of your business. This solution is offered through a dedicated cloud service and on-premise if you don't want your data in the cloud.